kirsten (straight_mute) wrote in ljstalkers,


i was a stalker but the boy i was stalking just graduated. i still walk by his house with my dog sumtimes. i didnt really think i was a stalker until he said i was and that i needed to admit it. i guess looking thru his backpack and locker, stealing two senior pictures from his bag (the sad part is he ended up giving me one at the end of the year), writing him messages on his driveway in chalk, searching for pictures on the internet, cutting pictures of him out of the newspaper, stealing a breath right nasal strip from his gym bag (where i also found compression shorts...yummy), and smelling his coat are a lil stalkerish. the list doesnt stop there. i even searched for pictures and info about his parents on the internet. his dad is pretty hot (even tho he's 51 years old). i dont kno what im gonna do next year when he's at the air force academy. i suppose i could still keep stalking him at the air force website...and i could stalk his parents since they only live a block away.
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