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ljstalkers's Journal

We Stalk
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Welcome to the stalking community. One thing though, this is NOT a claiming community. We do, however, encourage "random acts of stalking" on other members of this community.

We are also considering having a "stalker of the week" and/or a "stalkee of the week". Any nominations? Also, feel free to come to the moderators with any ideas you may have. Thank you, and have fun stalking!

Your friendly (or not-so-friendly) moderators/admins are:
Abra-chan: abra
Michi-chan: ladygeekster
Shippo-kun: shippo

Abra: I'm not not-so-friendly!
Shippo: ...and I bite, so watch out!
Abra: Oooh, yeah, Shippo-san is always talking about biting people. He's even got "biting people" as an interest!
Shippo: Speaking of listing interests, what is a bacos glomp?
Abra: Grr, it took me ten minutes to remember the password for this thing. It was so obvious too... Er, anyway, a bacos glomp is a glomp with bacos. I think. Ask Michi-chan.

Disclaimer: This community is only for fun. The admins of this community in no way meant for this community to bring harm to anyone and do not support actual stalking in any way, shape, or form. Thank you and have a nice day.
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